2020 Stallion Tender

The Swan Hill Harness Racing Club is now conducting our annual Stallion Service Tender.

Breeders are invited to tender for a service of these exceptional standardbred stallions.

Tenders must be submitted by close of business on 7 September at 5pm.

Tender form:

What The Hill completed.jpg

What The Hill - Advertised service fee $7700

Downbytheseaside completed.jpg

Downbytheseaside - Advertised service fee $6600

Lather Up completed.jpg

Lather Up - Advertised service fee $6600

Poster Boy completed.jpg

Poster Boy - Advertised service fee $4950

Sebastian K completed.jpg

Sebastian K - Advertised service fee $3500

Pet Rock completed.jpg

Pet Rock - Advertised service fee $3500

Soho Tribeca completed.jpg

Soho Tribeca - Advertised service fee $3000

Centurion ATM completed.jpg

Centurion ATM - Advertised service fee $3000

Aldebaran Eagle completed.jpg

Aldebaran Eagle - Advertised service fee $2500

The Storm Inside completed.jpg

The Storm Inside - Advertised service fee $2500

Peak completed.jpg

Peak - Advertised service fee $2500

Jilliby Kung Fu completed.jpg

Jilliby Kung Fu- Advertised service fee $2200

Skyvalley completed.png

Skyvalley - Advertised service fee $2000

Yankee Rockstar completed.jpg

Yankee Rockstar - Advertised service fee $1950